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Thank you for your interest in our club. 

West Branch Rifle and Pistol Club is a private firearms club that provides its members a safe and fun environment for shooters to enjoy.

Because we are a private club we do not allow non-member to use our facilities unless you are accompanied by a current member. 

How to Become a Member


West Branch would be happy to accept new members for the 2020 membership year.  However, anyone wishing to become a new member at this time MUST understand the following:

West Branch is in the process of constructing the range facilities at the Congress Township location.  There are currently NO range facilities available, and shooting is currently PROHIBITED at the Congress Township location.  

The plan is to have sufficient range facilities completed to allowing shooting activities to begin in June of 2020.

The starting date for shooting of June, 2020 is dependent upon the progress in installing the new range facilities, which is in turn greatly dependent upon the contributions of time and effort by the membership at Work Parties.  

New members for 2020 may participate in these work parties, helping to insure that the June target date is met, and acquiring Work Party credits toward their 2021 membership dues.

If you are still interested in joining West Branch Rifle and Pistol Club after reviewing and understanding the above, please complete and submit the Membership Application found below.

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